Living Solutions

A strategy that addresses the underserved EU purpose-built real estate market, starting with Portugal, bringing both Development and Operational expertise. 

We invest in Purpose-Built Rental Solutions, a strategy supported by structural gaps and demand-driven by demographic and economic trends

Residential real estate prices in Portugal increased by 30% in the last 5 years.

Urban middle class unable to afford property due to increasing interest rates and equity requirements.

In main urban areas, lengthy approval processes, limit supply.

Rental prices increase despite the growing number of units in the market.

Single-parent/divorced families, young professionals, digital nomads, students, and retired active seniors. 

Millennials and GenZs favor flexible, ready-to-live solutions in urban locations, with affordable prices. ‘generation rent.

Sources: Statistics Portugal, Eurostat, Pordata

Investment Criteria

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Low acquisition prices

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We identify attractive opportunities, acquiring assets with a low average square meter price.

Lower development costs

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Purpose-built solutions thought for scale, for lower development and construction costs, enabling us to supply affordable residential solutions.

Key Locations

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Projects located in cities with high unmet demand both for residential and student accommodation, using affordability and proximity to public transport networks as key differentiators.

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance

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Real Estate is responsible for 30% of greenhouse emissions. Companies need to leverage their ESG performance to drive value and stay competitive. Better ESG profiles lead to the outperformance of peers and create additional value. Aiming for Leed/Breeam certification in all our projects.

Pedro Antunes

Pedro Antunes

Jaime Antunes

Jaime Antunes

Pedro, Roey and Jaime bring a proven track record managing large scale assets. having Focusing on the Portuguese student residence market, they have developed and managed a portfolio of c.2,000 rooms of student residences in key academic cities in Portugal.

Alea Capital Partners is seeking to raise capital to expand its platform by developing and managing additional Purpose-Built-Operational-Real-Estate projects, focusing in: Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) and Purpose-Built-to-Rent / Multifamily (BTR).

We invest in the development and management of operational real estate that responds to the main drivers of residential demand in the main urban areas, such as student accommodation and residential rentals.

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