Alea Capital Partners


Operational Real-Estate

Reliable revenue streams. Team Know-how.

We create and invest in various Property-Based operational businesses.

Shifts in demographics and life-style have generated strong demand for different living and working solutions. Often existing assets do not satisfy these novel needs, leaving an opportunity for development or transformation.

Alea Capital has a great experience in, and profound understanding of, the Real Estate market throughout its lifecycle: from development, through operational betterment to finance.

Transformational Private Equity

Strong Fundamentals. Creativity.

We invest in asset-backed businesses driven by strong demand fundamentals such as foreign demand, strong lasting supply / demand gaps or with steady growing demand.

We search for under-capitalized or under-managed businesses in fragmented sectors, and put our energy into transforming them through sector and value-chain consolidation, strategic change, combined with fundamental operational and supply-chain change and digitalization.

We are sector-flexible and long-term oriented.

Venture & Innovation

Research. Development. Technology.

We build the success of our investment mandates, our purpose, upon our set of core values. This is the backbone of our firm’s culture.

Alea’s purpose is to discover opportunities and deliver superior investment risk adjusted returns, mindful of the impacts and the contribution that our actions and investments have on the communities, the environment, our people and our investors.

We are always looking to partner with great businesses and people.


We are always looking to partner with
great businesses and people.