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Technology companies that provide AI based solutions to complex business problems have a blue ocean of opportunities ahead. We invest in the scale-up and growth of B2B SaaS companies that have strong evidence of Product market fit.

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence across multiple sectors constitutes a transformative force, significantly improving business operations and amplifying profitability.

Whether through cost savings, revenue increase, efficiency gains, and customer satisfaction, AI has the potential for a 40% productivity increase over the next decade.

AI has reached a high level of maturity. Its application offers large tangible benefits across industries and business functions.

Portugal is a source of highly qualified human resources and knowledge in technology.

Leap in Foundation models creates a very large number of application opportunities to address untapped complex problems in established industries.

Investment Criteria

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Proven product/market fit​

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We invest in the scale-up and growth (series A+) of companies that have strong evidence of Product market fit, addressing large markets with strong Customer references and recurring revenues.

Seasoned teams​

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We will support teams that have extensive experience in the markets they are addressing and have a clear understanding of the problems they solve.


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​Software powered by Foundation models such as Generative AI and machine learning to address specific and well-identified business problems.

John, Pedro, and Rui, together bring varied and complementary experiences, having successfully invested in and managed companies in a variety of innovative sectors, with strong innovative R&D drivers.

The management team is driven by strategic growth, encourage innovation, and thrive to have a positive impact on R&D businesses in Portugal.

We seek to expand our strategy and help companies navigate the grants and other incentives in Portugal. We support investees in the areas where assistance is needed for growth.

We invest in the scale-up and growth of European and US B2B SaaS businesses. AI and ML are the key components of the value proposition, providing solutions to complex industry challenges.

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